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Marathias Plates
Place West Zakynthos West Zakynthos
If you want to feel a little bohemian you should pay a visit to the Marathia plates which are large, white, flat rocks, here there are a few trees of which you can find shade under but more often than not this space is already taken so be prepared to sit under the burning sun as it is impossible to use an umbrella here. You can cool off by diving into the cold, deep waters at regular intervals. If you can't endure the days sun without an umbrella go to Marathia Beach which is approximately 1.5 kilometers south of the Marathia plates. Whichever beach you choose to visit you will have to leave your car and then take a small walk through some dense vegetation, you should also take with you any supplies that you may require as there are no canteens or beach bars, unless of course you are lucky enough to be there when the canteen-boat passes by which stocks almost everything! This is the perfect place to go to if you want to feel a sense of calmness and you also have a great view of Marathonisi.