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Dionisios Solomos Square
Place Zante Town Zante Town
Solomos Square is the central square of Zakynthos town and the largest square of the island. It was reconstructed in the same place as the pre-earthquake "aristocratic" square of the town and today it has been declared a listed monument. The statue of our national poet Dionysios Solomos and the statues of the poet Hugo Foscolo and the musician Pavlos Karrer can be seen. In Solomos Square, there is also a bronze statue of Eleftheria, "Born from the bones of the Greeks", the work of the sculptor Georgios Kastriotis (1899 - 1969), donated by Agni A. Kyrou (1908 - 2007). Around the square there are the following buildings, which have been restored according to the standards of the respective pre-earthquake buildings after the earthquakes of 1953: the Municipal Hall, the neoclassical building of the National Bank of Greece, the Museum of Zakynthos, the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Zakynthos which houses the Public Historical Library of Zakynthos and the General Archives of the State. Before the earthquake, on Solomos Square, in the existing old gardens, the busts of Dionysios Roma, Friendly, Konstantinos Lombardos, Political, Georgios Tertseti, Judge and Pavlos Karrer, Musician were placed. All four of these marble works belong to the sculptor Georgios Georgiou (1916 - 2002). Today both of them, the bust of Roma and the bust of Lombardos, are placed in front of the building of the Administration Building, which houses the Anti-Region. The bust of Tercetis has been placed in front of the Courthouse. while after the redevelopment of Solomou Square, the bust of Carrer. was placed in a different location on Solomou Square.