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St. Mark's Square
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San Marco Square along with Solomos Square are the two most important squares on the island. It was here in San Marco Square where some events of great historical importance occurred. During the Venetian Rule there was a two storey building that of which belonged to the family 'Koumoutou', here you would go for coffee and it was also the centre of social and political life of the island, it was here that the 'nobility' would come to have fun and to discuss the important issues of the day. in 1797 the locals gathered here in San Marco Square and rebelled against the inequality and exploitation of the weakest people by the nobles, burning the Libro d’oro.

In the centre of the square the tree of liberty was planted, that of which symbolizes the liberation from the dictatorship of Venice and the arrival of the French Republicans. It was during this period that the square lost some of its aristocratic splendor and new buildings were built. It is also here where you will find the Mausoleum of our national poet Dionysios Solomos and the poet Andrew Kalvos, built under the municipal clock.

After the earthquake the square was restored to its original state with very few exceptions so the buildings that you see here are of traditional architecture. The Catholic Church of Saint Mark is also located here, that of which only operates during the summer months and it is the only Catholic church on the island. San Marco Square offers entertainment all day and night with its cafes, bars, restaurants and tavernas, if you so wish you can then continue on to Solomos Square, an equally important landmark of the island.