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Bust of Nikolaos Hugos - Foskolos (1778-1827)
Zante Town Zante Town
The bronze bust of Nikolaos - Ogos Foskolos (1778 - 1827), the work of Konstantinos Dimitriadis (1881 - 1943), was created in the sculptor's workshop in Paris. The unveiling of the work took place during the celebrations for the centenary of the poet's birth in 1927. When during the Italian occupation, the brass bust of Maitland was transferred to Italy, the Italian conquerors constructed a new pedestal in front of the Church of Ag. Panton, made of a chipped stone from Gerakas, and placed the bust of Foscolo. On its base they wrote the inscription in Italian:  "ZANTE D' ITALIA AL UGU FOSCOLO - 1 MAGGIO XIX" - "The Zante of Italy to Ugo Foscolo" 1 May (of the fascist year) 19, that is 1941. For the propagandistic inscription of the Italian fascists, in March 1942 there was a reaction on the part of the Zakynthians, with covering it with feces.