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Bust of Paul Carrer
Sculpture Zante Town Zante Town
On Solomos Square, in the existing older gardens, the busts of Dionysios Roma, member of Filiki Etaireia (Greek society that contributed to the Greek Revolution, Konstantinos Lombardos, Politic, Georgios Terceseti, Judge and Pavlos Karreris, Musician, were placed after the earthquake. All four of these marble works belong to the sculptor Georgios Georgiou (1916 - 2002).   Today, only the bust of the musician Pavlos Carrer (1829-1896) remains on the square.The bust's pedestal bears the name of the person depicted. It is framed on a high stake and resembles the type of the hermes columns, without the head being congruent with the stake. The figure is rendered simply, frontally.