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Monument dedicated to the Belgian anatomist Andreas Vesal (1514-1564)
Sculpture Zante Town Zante Town
In September of 2014, in Solomos Square, a bronze monument dedicated to the Belgian anatomist Andreas Vesal (1514-1564) was placed, which is related to his anatomical drawings, and on the occasion of the celebrations held on the island to mark the 500th anniversary of his birth and the 450th anniversary of his death. The work was created by contemporary Belgian artists: sculptor Pascale Pollier and sculptor Richard Neave, and is a gift from the Belgian State to the island of Zakynthos in commemoration of his death in a shipwreck near it. The original location of the monument was on the square of D. Solomos opposite the Town Hall building. After opposition, it was placed in the cemetery behind the Cultural Centre, next to the bust of Vesal.