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Thematic Exhibition Center of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta
Nature South East Zakynthos South East Zakynthos
The Thematic Exhibition Centre of the sea turtle Caretta caretta is located in the area of Daphne, which belongs in the Protected Landscape Area Φ1 of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, in the municipal district of Vasilikos. The landscaped area of the Thematic Centre, the exhibition and information material, the use of multimedia and the souvenirs provided, are an occasion for the visitor to inform and raise awareness about the sea turtle and its nesting beaches in Zakynthos. In addition to the biological and ethological information provided on Caretta caretta, the Thematic Centre offers a general overview of the activities of the Management Authority of the SPA and the general environmental characteristics of the Protected Area, as well as an introduction to other priority species and endemic species of flora and fauna found in Zakynthos. The construction of the Thematic Exhibition Centre, completed in 2006, was financed by the European Regional Development Fund to a maximum of 80% and the rest by national funds.