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Zakynthos Town
Zante Town
You could say that the history of Zakynthos Town and the whole island in general is divided into 'pre' and 'post' earthquake periods. Before the earthquake of 1953 and the fire that followed the town was built according to Venetian architecture. Mansions of Venetian architecture alternated with urban folk houses and among them were numerous stone churches. The paved roads passed through courtyards, gardens and picturesque squares and bridges united neighbourhoods. Buildings had arches and arched windows, some of which contained arcades. The church of St.Nicholas on the shore was built on an islet that of which was connected to the mainland by a bridge.

After the earthquake of 1953 only three buildings survived. Today, after the reconstruction efforts of the city there are some places that you can feel the allure of the past. Do your shopping on Alexandra Roma. You will be thankful for the traditional Venetian arches that will protect you from both the rain in the winter and the sun in the summer. Alexandra Roma is characterized by low buildings with beautiful balconies, bougainvillea flowers, trees and the pavements where you really need to be careful as in some places they are slippery.  Stop for a coffee in San Marco Square which was once a meeting place for the nobles during the Venetian occupation, and then visit the Museum and Mausoleum of Dionysios Solomos, now continue on to the square where you can see a statue of him, it is here where you will also find the Byzantine Museum. Now take a walk down the coastal road which takes you past the port and you will eventually come to St.Denis Church. Here in town you can visit the Church of the 'Faneromeni', the Church of 'Our Lady of the Angels', The mansion of Alexander Roma, and the museum of Gregory Xenopoulos, and just outside the town centre in Krioneri is the Venetian Aqueduct. While visiting Zakynthos Town during the evening you may be lucky enough to here 'Arekies' - traditional Zakynthian music, or have fun in one of the bars located in San Marco Square.

So, to sum up Zakynthos Town, you should take a stroll through the town, feel its energy, admire the architecture, visit the numerous churches and museums, enjoy a spot of shopping, enjoy a nice meal and/or stop for a coffee or a drink at one of the many bars. The 'city' of the island has plenty to offer whether it be day or night!!