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Agia Mavra Church
Church East Central Zakynthos

In the beautiful cobble stoned courtyard with its Venetian bell tower, dominated by four bells you will find the imposing church Agia Mavra. It is here that you will find the icon of Agia Mavra which is considered to be miraculous and is surrounded by innumerable offerings. According to tradition a shepherd found the image of Agia Mavra hanging from a tree. Every morning he took it to his village and every night he returned it to its original position. This is how it was decided where to build the church. Once upon a time the church was also home to a remarkable collection of icons and frescoes, that was up until December of 2005 when the inside body of the church was destroyed by a fire. Fortunately the icon of Agia Mavra was not damaged and up until today there are being efforts by the locals and the very active priest to restore the church to its original state. Inside the church there is an old photo of the church so you can admire how it once was and also see the significant work that has been done since then. The villagers celebrate the church on the 3rd of may where they gather and pray until the early hours of the morning, and then on the second Sunday of July they have a feast where you will have fun.