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Agios Georgios Filikon church
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The church of St. George the Latin or Filikon is a sacred place, a pilgrimage for every Greek. The initiation of the pioneers of the Greek Revolution of 1821, took place there by the monk Anthimos Argyropoulos. It has been declared a historic and preserved site. The church, built in 1664 by Lord George Latinos was an ideal refuge for the meetings and then the initiation of the patriots. Standing secluded it offered cover and protection to the Filikous, especially from the philo turkish English protection, its spies and police officers. The church of St. George and the surrounding area had, over the years, came into the ownership of the Count family. It had fell into ruin in the earthquakes of 1893. In the earthquakes of 1953 it was again destroyed and in 1955 it was the first building to be built on the island by the 701st Engineer Battalion of the Greek Army, following the intervention of the Committee for the Preservation and Conservation of Historical Sites and Monuments of Zakynthos, led by the president of the Masonic Foundation and secretary of the Committee, the late Nikolaos Varvianis. The inauguration of the temple took place on May 21, 1955, the 91st anniversary of the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece. According to a table kept in the Museum of Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians, Solomos, the Plapoutaioi, Kolokotronis, Fotomaras, Nikitaras, Pettimezades, Romas, Dragonas and Stefanou were sworn in at the temple. Particularly important was the action of the parish priest Anthimos Argyropoulos. Theodoros Kolokotronis, the legendary "Geros tou Moria", buried his wife Katerina in the church's precinct, who died on 10 August 1820. Today, a brass bust of his figure has been placed in the churchyard.