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Panagia Chrysopigi
Relegion Monument Zante Town Zante Town
The church of Chrysopigi (Zoodochos Pigi) in the suburb of Bochali, existed from the 15th century. But with the successive earthquakes it was demolished and renovated, as in 1791, 1840 and 1893. In 1953 it was left standing and today it has been restored. It preserves many works, mainly of Cretan style. The iconostasis was designed by I. Katavaitis and worked by Theodosis. The most important work of art of the church is the icon of the Theotokos of Chrysopigi, which is silver-plated and gilded by Stamatis Marinos. The historian Pan. Chiotis claims that it is dated omi (848) and signed by the Byzantine painter Panisalkos. A later inscription on the silver-carved lining, on a small silver plate, reads: 'the city of Zakynthos gold-plated icon/ eight hundred and fourteen eight year/ written after Christ ge. The back of the icon is covered with another later one by N. Kantounis (1815), which depicts a kneeling and praying lord with two angels above him. The icon of Chrysopigi is held by a fine carved and gilded throne. In the sanctuary there is a silver carved cover by the great Kalarytis silver sculptor Diamanti Bafas (1811).