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Saint Demetrius of Kola
Church Zante Town Zante Town
The church of Agios Dimitrios of Kola, Puplikola or Hariati, was one of the oldest in Zakynthos. It was renovated in 1535 and had beautiful Byzantine icons and a magnificent carved and gilded iconostasis, which did not burn in 1953 and is now on display at the Museum of Zakynthos. It was built in the area of Aigialos (Filikon Street - beginning of Psiloma), next to the ruins of an ancient building, perhaps a pagan temple. The church is mentioned in old contracts of the early 16th century, when it was rebuilt after some destruction (earthquake or arson by pirates). In 1643 it was destroyed by earthquakes and belonged to Iakovos Kola, who gave it to his priest son Eustathios to rebuild it within a year. It was adorned with remarkable works of art (portable icons of Michael Damaskinos, John Kyprios and Nicholas Koutouzis, as well as important woodcarvings of the 17th and 18th centuries: the iconostasis (1690), the chairs, the candelabra, the quatrefoil, and the commissary bench. The stepped windows with the Oraia Pyli (Holy Doors) depicted the three popes of Rome, Clement, Sylvester and Leo, full-length and life-size (1719), the work of Gerasimos Kouloubis and Georgios Gryparis.