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Saint Nicholas of the Elders
Relegion Monument Zante Town Zante Town
A church that once survived in the centre of the city, in a beautiful medieval paved square. At the end of the 15th century it was adjacent to the sea and is mentioned in contracts from the early 16th century and later. The pre-seismic spacious, imposing and majestic church was built in the late 17th century by the lord Petros Alamanos. Architecturally, the church and its continuous bell tower were among the most beautiful buildings of pre-seismic Zakynthos. It had wonderful woodcarvings and important Byzantine-Cretan and naturalistic icons. The iconostasis was the work of Nikolaos Vidale (1725). Apart from the remarkable hagiography, woodcarving and silversmithing, there were several icons of Byzantine-Cretan style by Theodore Papantonis or Georganas, one of the best local painters of the early to mid-18th century. It was completely destroyed in 1953.