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Sea tour in the north part of Zakynthos

  ​ Marine Route Makris Gialos - Blue Caves - Shipwreck

The route starts from the beach Makris Gialos. The beach is located north of Zakynthos, about 32 km from the town of Zakynthos, in an area that includes many villages, such as Agios Nikolaos (Schinari), Volimes, Xigia and Mikro Nisi. It is a quiet beach with crystal clear waters, picturesque scenery and pebbles. Small caves extend from the beach, ideal for those who like exploring. 

The tour continues in the blue caves, one of the most famous and advertised natural sights of the island. The Blue Caves compose a landscape of wild and at the same time peaceful scenery. They are named after the color reflections that the water changes when inside them. They consist of peculiar geological formations, which have created a series of caves along the northwest coast of the island, starting immediately after Agios Nikolaos to finish near Cape Schinari.

Continuing our tour of Schinari, we come across the most magnificent and impressive sunset. It is a quiet village, which is not distinguished for its tourist development, but offers many activities. There, we will admire the lighthouse of Schinari which was built in 1897. The altitude of the stone tower is 9.5 meters and the height of the focal height is 67 meters. 

The route ends at the “Navagio”, Shipwreck of Zakynthos. The name of the shipwrecked ship on the secluded coast of Ai Giorgis is “Panagiotis” and has become one of the most interesting sights of the island and one of the most famous destinations worldwide.

The area is accessible only by the sea and immediately gives you the concept of size and perfection. Made of millions small pebbles and embraced by the blue shades of the sea that are lost on the horizon, it just looks unique and the wreck as if the hand of an artist has put it there. Arriving at the beach, the towering vertical rocks awe you and look as if they want to hide it. Often the water around the Shipwreck is colored with a blue turquoise, because of the numerous sulfur springs inside the caves that embrace the beach. The release of large quantities of sulfur when it has lift, give the opportunity for wonderful photos.