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Agrodesmos (Mpastas Antonis)
Food Culture East Central Zakynthos East Central Zakynthos

The "Basta Cheese Factory" is located in the forest and has been built of stone, according to the traditional standards of Zakynthos, while it can also be visited by tourists who wish to be there and witness the production of cheese. The Basta family in Zakynthos has been involved in cheese production for a long time. For three generations, he has been producing cheeses from the family's livestock farm, with a strong local character. In 2008, the old cheese factory in Agios Leotas, Zakynthos, was modernized and turned into a state-of-the-art production facility for dairy and cheese products, which stand out for their unique taste. The unit produces the special, aromatic and very spicy Zakynthos oil cheese, which is preserved in olive oil, in clay pots. Other cheeses and dairy products produced by the cheese factory are spicy graviera, feta-type brine cheese, preza, mizithra, yogurt, creams and rice milk.