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Bust of the Metropolitan of Zakynthos, Dionysios A. Plaisa, community of Kallithea
East Central Zakynthos East Central Zakynthos
In the precinct of the church of Analipseos (Assumption of the Virgin Mary), of the Municipal Community of Kallithea (Koukiesi) and in the place where there used to be an aqueduct, in 2006, the bronze bust of the Bishop of Zakynthos, Dionysios A. Plaisa, work of the sculptress Maria Vasilatos, Athens (1980), was placed. The work is a copy of the sculpture in the Solomos Museum, which was made by the sculptress to be placed in the Metropolitan's birthplace. Inscription at the base of the bust reads: Metropolitan of Zakynthos / Dionysios III Plaisas / 1894 - 1933 / It is noted that the Metropolitan's descendants had previously donated land for the reconstruction of the building of the community's Health Centre, and the sculpture was donated by his nephew, Archimandrite Dionysios V. Plaisas.