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Monument of Yiannis Klavdianos Fiolitaiou
East Central Zakynthos East Central Zakynthos
In the place where the old school used to be, in Fioliti, in the courtyard, next to the ancestral home of Yannis Klaydianos (? - 1821), opposite the hill "St. Jerusalem" or "Hanging Hill", where the English "protectors" placed the iron cage with his body after his hanging in the square of St. Nicholas of Molos, (along with four others believed to have participated in the Gypsolite incidents in Laganas Bay on 30 September (12 October) 1821), in the year 2007, a stone monument was constructed. On the front of the monument there is an engraved inscription: Klaydianos Ioannis "Karniakouras" "Clananian Kianakianos Khananianos", a victim of the events of Gypsolithos 30 September 1821